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Torre Paragon, Santa Fe

The Torre Paragon is the former Hotel Presidente Intercontinental Santa Fe. At 141 meters and 28 floors, it’s one of the tallest buildings in the area and a considerable landmark. The street is short but lined with similar high-end businesses and car-dealerships.

Construction began in 2002 and last through August of 2008 when the building officially opened. Architects for the project were from Idea Asociados de México S.A. de C.V. The building operated under the original name until 2023 when the space was taken over by NH Collection/Accor. The Accor group plans to re-open the building as the Paragon Hotel in 2025.

The building was designed to be intelligent with multiple systems controlling and supporting efficient use of power, water, and air. Guests at the 117-room hotel use four high-speed elevators, too. The mixed-use space is also occupied by multiple boutiques and eateries.

The Capital Bus stops here on its seasonal Reforma-Santa Fe route. The route runs only in December, July and August and during Semana Santa. The route explores a good deal of Santa Fe including multiple shopping centers. This side is immediately out front of the Torre Paragon rotunda area facing the street, Juan Salvador Agraz. The stop is convenient to many of the area’s shopping and dining establishments.


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