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Samara Shops Santa Fe

Photos: Santiago Ruiz de Ch.,
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Samara Shops is an exclusive high-end shopping center within a well-regarded mixed-use development. Just about directly south of the Alameda Poniente, it’s within one of the densest concentrations of hotels in Mexico City. The most prominent tenant in the Samara complex is the giant Hilton hotel that occupies most of the upper floors. A number of corporate offices and headquarters also call the complex home.

The shopping complex takes up some 30,000 square meters on three lower levels. Another 10,ooo square meters are given over to private gardens. And within the complex, one can stroll rather pleasantly even here in notoriously car-friendly Santa Fe.

The shopping center invites shoppers to visit some 96 shops. A supermarket, gym, and cinema round out the retail offering but the Shops at Samara are just part of overall complex. The Mercado Gourmet also presents a number of international restaurants, eateries, and cocktail lounges. Among all of them, there’s something for everyone.

Capital Bus calls the stop here simply Samara Shops. It’s part of the whirlwind tour of Santa Fe that Capital Bus offers during high seasons only: in December, July, and August and during Semana Santa. The bus stops outside the

How to get here
  • Antonio Dovali Jaime 70, Col. Zedec Sta Fé, Alc. Álvaro Obregón, 01219 CDMX


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