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Patio Santa Fe

The Patio Santa Fe opened in 2013 as the Gran Patio Santa Fe. At 200,000 square meters, it’s one of the bigger shopping centers in the area, and certainly of those under the Patio marquee. A number of smaller Patio shopping centers have opened across Mexico City since this one appeared some ten years ago.

The center is home to a number of big-box retailers who act as retail anchors, among these are a Walmart and Home Depot. The center is considered a “stacked big box” or even “vertical retail park.” The complex includes a couple of office towers occupied by corporate tenants. The cinema has 16 individual screens and there’s also a number of restaurants and international eateries. About 130 retail shops do business within the complex.

Capital Bus makes a stop here on it’s seasonal run from Reforma through Santa Fe. This is the final retail stop for shoppers. Buses run only during December, July, and August and during Semana Santa. The bus stops outside the west side of the complex on Manuel Sandoval. Buses then continue along Paseo de la Reforma through Chapultepec Park. Regular Mexico City bus service runs from the Metro Tacubaya area. Passengers can expect the trip to take just over one hour.

How to get here


Alameda Poniente

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