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Picnic Places

Mexico City Picnics require three things:

  1. A Metro Station, to get you somewhere new and different, easily.
  2. A public market  so you're not lugging a tremendous amount of food on the Metro. Buy a half-kilo of manchego, and whatever else your heart desires. Think especially of fruit and happy picnic foods.
  3. After shopping, you should be in some proximity to a good park with lots of wide-open spaces.

Like it or not, most people don't want to eat—or even recline on the grass—within sight of crowded walkways or crowded anything. We've tried to show you, on the map, these triads of places where ever they occur. These are some of the bigger parks, and their nearby transit and markets.

Bring a blanket in your oversized shopping bag, and head off. A paring knife and a bottle opener won't hurt either. Most of Mexico City's best parks are also very good places to picnic, so if you don't see the one you're after here, you can wing it, too. And of course, transport in a car will take you that much further.

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