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The Mexico City Metro is the pride of the City. It's an always changing, thriving, growing and evolving experience of the City, and an important public space.

It has long been understood as part of the City's contemporary iconography. But it's a cultural space of interaction, shared experience, and shared understanding, too.

The Metro system makes the entire city more accessible. You can find out more about the individual Metro lines below.

Metro Line 1
Metro Line 2
Metro Line 3
Metro Line 4
Metro Line 5
Metro Line 6
Metro Line 7
Metro Line 8
Metro Line 9
Metro Line 12
Metro Line A
Metro Line B

The Mexico City Metro is a system of symbols, colors, icons, architectural challenges, cooperative spaces, and crowds of Mexico City residents. They get mixed up all the time with international visitors too.  The result is a vital way of understanding the totality of Mexico City.

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