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Metro Line 7

Mexico City's Metro Line 7 runs north-south from El Rosario to Barranca del Muerto. The stations are each listed below along with some facts about each, and places that each station will lead you to.

Metro Line 7 is famously the only line of the Mexico City Metro to have been built using deep tunnels. Covering just two of the City's sixteen alcaldías, Azcapatzalco and Miguel Hidalgo, the southernmost station is just barely into the Álvaro Obregón alcaldía. Original plans had the line extending a little further south.

A total of 33 trains operate on the line every day. The first stretch the line opened in 1984, and the final part was operating in 1988. Imagine the construction job for a train at this depth for a length of some 17.1 kilometers. About 297,000 passengers rode the line everyday in 2019.

The entries below should give you a good idea about each of the stations, even as though they're destinations in and of themselves. Certainly, Metro Auditorio and Metro Constituyentes in Chapultepec Park are surrounded by attractions. But Metro Tacubaya opens onto such a dense concentration of curious and historical attractions, we gave it its own page too. Same goes for Mixcoac, and the area surrounding the Metro.

Just about every station in the Metro system leads to something curious, if not outright fascinating. And that's what this page is intended to show.

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