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Metro Constituyentes

Photo: vladimix on Wikimedia Commons

station logo metro constituyentesMetro Constituyentes is one of the deep stations on notoriously deep Line 7. Most convenient to the Panteón de Dolores it’s also used to access the Second Section of Chapultepec Park. Visitors will also find it convenient to the Los Pinos cultural center. It’s also a great station for many of the art and cultural places in San Miguel Chapultepec as well as to most of upper Tacubaya.

The station is right on the side of the Avenida Constituyentes (from which it draws its name). But it’s also at the end of the Avenida Parque Lira, making it convenient to that park, just a few blocks down, and to lots of more.

  • Constituyentes avenue is named in honor of those who painstakingly drew up three of Mexico’s constitutions. Those drafts were in the years 1824, 1857 and 1917. The image represents the pen and the legal book by which the government operates. The Constitution of 1917 is still the law of the land.
  • Opened in 1985, the station receives about 3.2 million passengers every year, a bit more 8,000 every day.

Metro Constituyentes is also super convenient to the Mercado El Chorrito. As the market is nearly the center of San Miguel Chapultepec, it’s convenient to most points there also.

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