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San Miguel Chapultepec

San Miguel Chapultepec is an important neighborhood for a number of reasons. It's home to one of the City's hottest art scenes. But it's likely famous by virtue of its proximity to Condesa to the east, Chapultepec Park, and Tacubaya. It's a very central kind of place.

The neighborhood began as the San Miguel Culhuacatzingo neighborhood of the colonial town of Tacubaya. Prior to that it was mostly farmland adjacent to the ancient city.

Today's San Miguel Chapultepec is a chic, pedestrian-friendly and always fascinating neighborhood. Most City residents don't know that it includes the entirety of the Los Pinos Cultural Complex to the north. That's perhaps just one more reason to visit.

The opening of multiple art galleries over the past decade has upped the ante. Today it's among the City's established cultural zones, and a night out, on Gallery Weekend, or whenever, is richly rewarded.


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