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Chapultepec Sections 2 & 3

Chapultepec Sections 2 and 3 are far less visited than Section 1. It's a different kind of park. It's more open, often more sunny, and nearly always far less crowded.

It's less likely to be visited, but for those hoping to go deeper, the rewards are that much greater.

Opened in 1964, Section 2 is separated from the first section by the Periferico highway. But here, things turn to the decidedly more placid. The Paseo de los Compositores is a recently rehabilitated walkway honoring the country's best, the Xochipilli Fountain (see below), and the City's biggest skateboard park are all here.

Chapultepec Section 2 is a very different park. Section 3 is even more so. But it's certainly an important part of what makes the forest such a unique part of the Mexico City eco-landscape.

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