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Metro La Villa-Basilica

Photo: Ymblanter on Wikimedia Commons

metro la villa basilicaMetro La Villa-Basilica is about two blocks below the main entrance to La Villa on the Calzada de Guadalupe. For some faithful, it’s a front door for everyday visits to the Basilica, even no matter where you might be staying in the city. For lots of international visitors, it’s a pleasant place to arrive, even if and when the rest of La Villa is very crowded (it often is).

Both the Calzada de Guadlupe and the Calzada de Misterios are wide pedestrian-friendly avenues for strolling and shopping.

La Villa and Basilica were two distinct stations until 1996. In that year, this station took it’s current name, and the original Metro Basilica station was renamed Metro Deportivo 18 de Mar. This ended much of the confusion that had hampered both stations. In fact, the logo of the station today is simply the combination of logos from both the previous stations. The station opened originally in 1986.

Beyond all of the many sites within the Villa, Metro La Villa-Basilica is also convenient to the Railroad Museum, and to the Gustavo A. Madero government buildings. Those are directly east of the Basilica’s rather massive parking complex.

  • For those arriving from points along Paseo de La Reforma, it may be more convenient to arrive to the Villa by Metrobus. Line 7 (the doubledecker buses) makes no fewer than four stops in the immediate area of the Basilica. Click here for more information on Metrobus.

Turibus RoutesThe Metro station is just south of the Turibus Basilica Circuit stop. This block is precisely when the approach to the Villa becomes most apparent.

The Capital Bus stop is also here. The Basilica de Guadalupe is immediately to the north.

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Railroad Museum

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Museo de las Curiosidades

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Plaza Mariana & Museo Guadalupana

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Mariscos Maclovio

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