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Metro Line 5

Mexico City's Metro Line 5, the yellow line, runs through 13 stations across the north and east of the City. The length is 15.68 km.

For international visitors, it's most important due to the station, Terminal Aérea at the western end of Airport Terminal 1. Some adventurous sorts may also get from Terminal 2 to Metro Hangares, the station most convenient to that terminal.

The line carried about 85 million passengers in 2016. There are works of art in four of the 13 stations. The Terminal Aérea station was the first, in fact, to receive such publicly commissioned works of art.

If you're arriving from the airport, be aware that all of Mexico City's Metro stations lead to interesting parts of the City. Many of the stations are unique architectural works. Many more are the permanent home to works of art, and vital parts of the life and rhythm of Mexico City.

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