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Metro Consulado


How to get here


Metro Valle Gomez

Nearest at 0.63 kms.

Mercado 53 Rio Blanco

Nearest at 0.66 kms.


马丁 卡雷拉地铁站

Named for a 19th century war hero, the terminal station on Lines 4 & 6 is the thriving alternative to Indios Verdes.

Metro Talismán

A 12,000-year-old discovery makes a trip through the Metro that much more fun...

Metro Bondojito

One of the great spaceship stations along Metro Line 4...

Metro Canal del Norte

An old waterway lives on in an elevated station on Metro Line 4...

Metro Morelos

The important transfer station between Metro Lines B & 4 in Colonia Morelos!

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