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Metro Valle Gomez

metro valle gomez
Photo: GAED on Wikimedia Commons


station logo valle gomezMetro Valle Gómez is the neighborhood station for the two Colonias of the same name. One is in Cuauhtémoc and the other in Venustiano Carranza. The two neighborhoods  take their names from the owners of the old Potrero de la Villa. The Villa here referring to the former Guadalupe Hidalgo, today’s Basilica de Guadalupe. The Potrero was simply a farmland that was known for the abundance of agave and maguey plants. That explains the station logo. When the owners, Modesto del Valle and Rafael B. Gómez subdivided their land they rather immodestly named it for themselves. That was way back in 1894.

Today the neighborhood, or two neighborhoods, should be better known for the fantastic circular market they share. It’s about a 5-minute walk from the Venustiano Carranza exit of the Metro. (Technically, that’s the exit onto Av. Real del Monte).

Like a lot of the stations on this stretch of Line 5, Metro Valle Gómez is along the Circuito Interior highway. This one though, is an underground station. Passengers need to be a little more careful orienting themselves before taking the exit to the north or the south. The north exit goes to Calle Norte 50 in Gustavo A. Madero.

While it’s mostly here for the true diehard Mexico City fans, the station is important for the people in the densely populated surrounding areas. It’s also near the important Ferrocarill Miguel Hidalgo avenue, which marks the old railway to the Villa.

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