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Metro Instituto del Petróleo

Instituto del Petróleo
Photo: Ymblanter on Wikimedia Commons

Metro Instituto del Petróleo

Metro Instituto del Petróleo is a transfer station between Metro Line 5 and Line 6. Perhaps obviously, it’s across the street from the Mexican Petroleum Institute, a public research institution. The station logo is thus an oil derrick.

  • The Mexican Petroleum Institute resulted from a government decree in 1965. It’s home to one of the world’s most powerful microscopes. The institute dedicates its work to developing technical solutions, and to conducting basic and applied research. It also provides specialized training for Pemex, Mexico’s government-run petroleum company.

The station is perhaps best remembered for the artful installations of oil drums installed within the public spaces. It’s infamous for the long distance that needs to be walked from one platform to the next. The station is slightly busier on the 6 line than on the 5. It’s also somewhat infamous for having six different entrances and exits. So meeting up with your friends can be challenging unless you’re really specific.

The station shares its name with a Metrobús stop, on Line 6 of that system. Trolleybus Line A also stops here and proceeds down Eje Central. Part of the reason it’s a fairly busy station is also due to the many local bus lines converging here.

Metro Instituto del Petróleo is mostly convenient to the Petroleum Institute and the library. Some riders might want to get off here to avoid the long transfer walk and continue southeast to the Centro del Norte Bus Station. It’s the busiest intercity bus station in the City, but it does have it’s own Metro station on Line 5.

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