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Ladrón Galería

Ladron Galeria
Photo courtesy of the Ladrón Galería Facebook page. 


Ladrón Galería is a gallery and project space in the north of Mexico City’s historic center. The project is defined as an effort to promote, spread, and distribute Mexican Art focused on the development of the popular culture.  

Nearly isolated from the other galleries in the Gallery Weekend list, the gallery holds its own in the otherwise teeming neighborhood. Work featured is often edgy, raw, impulsive, and sometimes still wet. But the gallery has proven itself sharing the work of artists from across the Mexican Republic. Many of them are younger, and much of the work won’t be seen elsewhere.

Having also collaborated with many of the project spaces in Zona Maco, and similar events, the gallery is well positioned to have an impact. That’s true no matter where they’re currently exhibiting.

The República de Nicaragua space is precisely on the border between the Centro Histórico and the La Lagunilla neighborhood to the north. The 18th-century building was part of the Carmelite College of San Ángel.  It’s nearly directly across the street from the south side of the Santa Catarina Church.

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