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Punto Magnolia

Punto Magnolia
Photo courtesy of the Punto Magnolia Facebook page

Punto Magnolia is an interesting newer art space in Mexico City. Begun in 2022, in its own creator’s words, it’s a space for reflection, creation, and discussion of art. They call it “a place of convergence for cultural agents where exhibition spaces, artists’ workshops, and daily life coexist. The space offers some limited studio space, some classrooms and workshop space. There’s even a room for services that artists’ need.

The space is a magnet for local activists, vintage clothes enthusiasts, and your garden variety of creatives and their admirers. Exhibitions have ranged from the output of studios, to local street art and activist interventions. Performances and strong collaborations with local and similarly sized organization round out the events slate.

The space has, needless to say, been well-received. The Garibaldi area has long been crammed with artists seeking accessible rents, and to take advantage of the vibe in this part of the City. The area is well positioned on the east of Colonia Guerrero, but near enough, too, to La Lagunilla‘s endless markets for art, art supplies, and antiquities. It’s a haunt for mulitple artistic communities, as well as for those just looking to get in on the urban agglomeration of opportunities, insights, and sheer character.

The Punto Magnolia Espacio del Arte is above the Victoria Cantina and Restaurant. The underpass on Eje Central can make it tricky to arrive from that side. Although, on the other end of Magnolia, the stretch of Paseo de la Reforma is probably under-praised for its particular charm.


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