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Ágora. Galería del Pueblo

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Ágora. Galería del Pueblo


Ágora Galería del Pueblo is the Ágora Gallery of the People. It’s one of the main attractions to draw people directly inside of the Palacio del Ayuntamiento, the Old City Hall Building at the bottom of the Zócalo. The other is the old Museo de los Cabildos, the City Hall Museum, and both can be visited during the same afternoon.

The gallery hosts temporary exhibitions, usually for a duration of some number of months. The space is managed and run by the Mexico City Secretary of Culture. It’s dedicated to the memory of the struggles that City Residents have endured to realize and exercise their rights.

The space is on the second floor of the beloved old building. That means guests can get a good look at many of the spaces used by the executives of the City. It also means that you can’t always get in. Popular protests and events will often shut the main doors to the palace. But if you can easily get to the people working the doors, then you simply need to explain that you’d like to visit the Ágora Galería del Pueblo on the segundo piso. They’ll direct you to the northwest stairwell. The gallery is right at the second floor landing.

Ágora Gallery exhibitions focus on photography, newspaper clippings, bulletins, magazines, posters, pamphlets, banners, sculptures, videos, and oral testimonies. These are generally focused on the histories of popular uprisings, protests, and events in the history of Mexico City.

Hours: Weekdays, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to get here
  • Plaza de la Constitución 2, Segundo piso, Centro Histórico, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc 06000 CDMX


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