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Metro Morelos

Metro Morelos Mexico City
Photo: Dge on Wikimedia Commons

Metro Morelos station logoMetro Morelos is named for the complex neighborhood of the same name. In fact, there are an agglomeration of Colonias Morelos, in both the Cuauhtémoc and Venustiano Carranza alcaldías. On the City Center side, they’re further complicated because they’re better known by the barrio names: Peralvillo, Tepito, and La Lagunilla. On this side, the neighborhood can more confidently be called Morelos, but lots of area residents will still tell you it’s Tepito.

The entire area is formally called Morelos for the Monument moved here, likely in the 1870s. And that explains both the neighborhood name and the station logo. It’s also probably explains some of the ambiguity of the neighborhood, and sub-neighborhood area names. With all that said, it’s one of the most famous parts of Mexico City. Residents have reason to claim Tepito as their own because of its long history of resistance, great boxers, music, and culture more generally. The so-called Barrio Bravo, having defended the country on multiple historical occasions, has reason to be proud.

The Metro Morelos station serves the entire area. It’s also an important transfer station between elevated Metro Line 4, and subterranean Metro Line B.

When not transferring, international visitors will stop here to come at the many markets in Tepito from the other side. The Mercado Morelos is a 5-minute walk, the other way. It’s likely a bit tamer than a lot of the gi-normous markets in the area. But it too is big.

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Mercado Morelos

Nearest at 0.41 kms.

Pizzería Dalis

Nearest at 1.1 kms.

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