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Milpa Alta Highlights

A Milpa Alta Tourism and Travel Guide

Milpa Alta is a burgeoning agricultural tourism and outdoors destination. Any good visitor's guide needs to mention:

Villa Milpa Alta - The biggest and most famous of the ancient towns.
12 Original Settlements - The oldest and most interesting continuously inhabited areas in the valley.
Milpa Alta's Public Markets  - We separated them out so you can find the best food any time of year.

If you're in Mexico City for it, Milpa Alta's annual festivals celebrate nopal cactus based food. And mole salsa is served, and celebrated, in one of the City's biggest agricultural and culinary fairs. It's a big deal.

But as much as anything, international visitors need a specifically Milpa Alta based tourism and travel guide because it's a radical break from what you think Mexico City is about. Milpa Alta is peaceful. Milpa Alta is rural. Milpa Alta is magnificently beautiful, and dramatic, as much of broader Mexico is too.

The sites below will help you to get to know more of it.

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