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Milpa Alta Public Markets

Milpa Alta Public Markets depend on the area's profound commitment to agriculture. It's some of the most fertile country in the Valley of Mexico. Annual festivals are a great introduction. But international visitors are increasingly learning that it's a great place to visit any time of year.

The long history of Milpa Alta is well understood here. And people continue to share in their long relationship with the land and food. This is nowhere more evident than in the mercados publicos.

While all of them share many of the same features, each is also as unique and distinctive as the community it serves. And as close as they are to the farmland, there's no where to eat fresher, healthier foods. Merchants are independent. Many of them are devoted to age-old recipes that can't be had anywhere else.

Milpa Alta Public Markets are among the most respected in Mexico City. They are far off, but the food is out of this world, too.

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