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Mercado San Pablo Oztotepec

Mercado san pablo oztotepec
Photo courtesy of Noche de Mercados

The Mercado San Pablo Oztotepec is widely acclaimed as one of the City’s most technologically advanced public markets.  The rood uses  photovoltaic panels for electricity. And the same roof captures rainwater to be reused within the market. It’s the most sustainably operated market in Milpa Alta.

It’s rightfully the focus of civic pride at the center of San Pablo Oztotepec. Just a block north of the Chalma Chapel complex, the market is connected by a stone walkway and lots of stairs. It’s also caddy-corner from the local government building, itself another point of interest.

A 2017 UAM study counted some 74 merchants within the market. That number’s apt to change based on the season and the weather. But someone is always preparing ready-cooked restaurant style meals within. Expect local ingredients to predominate: mole, nopales, and tortillas are just a start. All of it’s going to be healthier than what you get in chain restaurants or being fried in grease on the streets.

The Mercado San Pablo Oztotepec is not just remarkable for its commitment to the local environment. It’s also a team effort made with local farmers. And you’ll see, there are many. You get better food, for less, while supporting them too. You couldn’t ask for a more sustainable and conscientious visit.

How to get here
  • Av Hidalgo s/n, Pueblo San Pablo Oztotepec, Centro, Milpa Alta, 12400 CDMX


Quinta Axayopa Cultural Center

Nearest at 0.09 kms.

Ruta de la Milpa

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