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Mercado 12 de octubre (San Salvador Cuauhtenco)

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The Mercado 12 de octubre is the main town market for San Salvador Cuauhtenco. It’s as often as not called the San Salvador Cuauhtenco market too. Tiny by Mexico City standards, it’s centrally located, right next to the town church, and adjacent to the main commercial district. It might even dominate that district, but it’s easy to miss.

  • October 12 was long considered a holiday to celebrate Christopher Columbus in Mexico. The Mexican Senate changed the commemoration to officially commemorate “La Raza” in 2020. The day had been unofficially commemorated since 1928. For a more thorough discussion of José Vasconcelos and La Raza, see the entry on the La Raza Monument.

The market is one of the main distributors of food and related items to the entire area. It’s also, unofficially, a town meeting place and center.

International visitors end up in the public market because it’s also a terrific place to eat. There are at least a few purveyors of sit-down meals, comida corrida, and the like. While they’re not exactly restaurants, food is as fresh as possible, and prices are reasonable. It’s also central to everything else in town.

The Mercado 12 de octubre is a must visit if you happen to be in town. A heavily agricultural area, as are each of the original settlements in Milpa Alta, the market specializes in locally grown produce. Nopales and mole are only the most obvious of delicacies.

Hours: Daily, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

How to get here
  • Av Morelos Pte 27, San Salvador Cuauhtenco Secc IV, Milpa Alta, 12300 CDMX


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