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Teoca Volcano

Teoca Volcano

The Teoca Volcano stands on the border between Xochimilco and Milpa Alta in the City’s southeast. It doesn’t have a history of erupting, like Xitle. It’s not surrounded by age-old communities like Teuhtli. It’s most famous for hosting a football pitch and recreation complex in the crater at the top.

The Nahuatl name, Teoca, may refer to the mountain’s role as a ceremonial center. The name sometimes translates to “seat of the gods,” but some experts dispute this interpretation. The volcano’s long history is not well-documented, but one can hope that the mountain’s forested slopes still bear revealing an ancient secret or two.

The mountain provides an important backdrop to the towns of Santa Cecilia Tepelapa to the west and San Salvador Cuauhtenco to the southeast. As much as a football field and organized sports center, it’s even more an environmental treasure. The mountain is frequent sojourn for hikers, environmentalist, and even lesser-experienced mountaineers. The website, Wikiloc begins a nearly 18-km hike at the Xochimilco Archaeological Museum to arrive here at the trek’s highest point: 2,723 meters above sea level. It’s a remarkable journey, southward, into lesser-known parts of Xochimilco.

However you choose to come, the Teoca Volcano is among the most popular for a day in the woods. A main entrance on the Santa Cecilia/San Bartolomé highway welcomes guests from all over the City.

How to get here
  • Carretera Sta. Cecilia a San Bartolomé, Núm. 96, Pueblo Sta. Cecilia Tepetlapa, Xochimilco, 16800 CDMX


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