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Tetecon Volcano

Tetecon Volcano
Photo courtesy of the Parque Xalli Facebook page.


The Tetecon Volcano is one of the volcanos along the Iztapalapa – Tláhuac border. Its horseshoe shape is due to an overflow of lava that ended up breaking the northwest section of its volcanic cone. If you can imagine, this was some tens of millions of years ago. That event is still seen today in the resulting elevated area that separates Tetecon from the Xaltepec volcano to the southwest.

The volcano is among the most degraded in the Sierra de Santa Caterina. At 2,402 meters above sea-level, it’s also the shortest. But as such, it’s also among the most accesible. The Parque Xalli, on the mountain’s lower slopes, offers good access to both Tetecon and the even more impressive Xaltepec next door. It’s a popular area for hiking and exploring.

The Tetecon Volcano is not the first volcano most Mexico City residents will think of. But it is one of the most visited. This is thanks to the park and also thanks to the mountain’s relative nearness.

Most guests will arrive to the volcano through the park. It’s also accessible through Tlaltenco which is a few minutes to the south and east from the foot of the volcano.


How to get here
  • Av de las Minas, Tláhuac, 13314 CDMX


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