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Parque Xalli

Parque Xalli, Tlahuac
Photo courtesy of the Parque Xalli Facebook page.

The Parque Xalli is a private outdoors and ecological park, on the lower slopes of the Tetecon and Xaltepec volcanos. Primarily focused on children and families, it’s a good starting-off point for trips up either of the two mountains.

The park offers a range of services and facilities. The Nahuatl name, xalli, means simply “sand.” But the park is equally dedicated to the range of wildlife, plants, and animals, that live above all that sand. In a dramatic, even extreme environment, the wild is never far off.

Technically in Tlaltenco, Tláhuac, its actually closer to Buenavista, Iztapalapa. It nearly overlooks that part of the City. But guests aren’t likely to be over-awed by views of the City. On the contrary, what Xalli offers is a close-hand look at the volcanos that dominate the views from dozens of neighborhoods. Both in  Tláhuac and Iztapalapa, they’re a daily, looming presence.

Parque Xalli  takes up some 5,000 square meters. They do feature a zip line, six meters high by 60 meters long. There’s a climbing wall and similar activities for outdoor fun. There’s also a collection of horses, ducks, roosters, chickens, sheep, rabbits and a petting zoo. Most international travelers will want to head for the hills though. Xalli makes it easy and offers everything at a few minutes drive from Tlaltenco.

Hours: Tuesday—Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6.m. (Closed Mondays)

How to get here


Tetecon Volcano

Nearest at 0.40 kms.

Xaltepec Volcano

Nearest at 0.62 kms.

Las Torres Buenavista Cablebús

Nearest at 1.58 kms.

Tío Froy

Nearest at 4.7 kms.

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