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Las Torres Buenavista Cablebús

torres buenavista cablebus

Las Torres BuenavistaLas Torres Buenavista Cablebús station is named for the giant colonia Buenavista, and in particular, for the giant high-voltage lines that tower across the landscape here.

The towers follow the Avenida de la Torres which cuts north south across many neighborhoods here. Buenavista is just one of the biggest. The avenue offers glimpses of what was originally being sold here when the area took on the name. Although heavily urbanized today, the farther south and up one goes, onto the slopes of the Xaltepec Volcano, the better the views, and the more like country it can seem. The avenue, like many in Iztapalapa, is also well known for a number of important street-art works. These are continually being re-worked and catalogued.

The ecologically-minded Parque Xalli is about a half-hour walk from the station. The 1.5-km trip takes about 8 minutes in a taxi. It’s a terrific introduction to the Sierra de Santa Catarina region.

Perhaps most unusually, the most precarious crossing the cable car line needed to make, even in this rugged volcanic landscape, was the towers themselves. From here, the trip on Cablebús Line 2 just gets more interesting.

How to get here
  • Av San Miguel 22, Col Buenavista I, Iztapalapa, 09700 CDMX


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