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Constitución de 1917, Cablebús Line 2

Constitucion 1917 Cablebús Line 2

constitucion de 1917The Constitución de 1917 Cablebús station opens a whole new angle to Mexico City travel and especially to Iztapalapa. Line 2, beginning at this station, cuts a swath across a huge southeastern section of the alcaldía. It’s just north of the Sierra de Santa Catarina volcano chain that separates Iztapalapa from Tláhuac to the south.

The station is especially important for connecting all of these southeastern communities to the Metro, here. But for international visitors, it’s a whole new world. Iztapalapa was historically too far and too unknown. From up above, it’s something else entirety. Roofs were even painted beneath the Cablebús to welcome all the new visitors. The range of these roof-murals is staggering. Almost as breathtaking as the views of the volcanos.

From the Constitución de 1917 Cablebús station, it’s still possible to see the Mexico City Skyline in the distant northwest. It’s a unique view, and one that’s changing. For international visitors, it’s an easy and affordable trip. Just take to Metro Line 8 to the end of the line.

Remember: you need the Metro Card not just for the Metro, but to board the Cablebús, too. The “Integrated Mobility Card” gives you affordable access to this and other modes of transport too.

How to get here
  • Colonia Los Ángeles, Iztapalapa 09830 CDMX


Metro Constitución de 1917

Nearest at 0.15 kms.

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Parque Lineal Vicente Guerrero

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Tío Froy

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La Nueva Viga

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