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Tláhuac is partly covered by the canal and chinampa system for which Xochimilco is more famous. Some places in Tláhuac are also among the oldest and least known in the city. In fact, just arriving to Metro Tláhuac, one of the newest, biggest Metro stations in the system, can feel like you've stepped off at an entirely different city. There's a lot to explore.

There are seven original settlements within the alcaldía. These include the municipal seat of government at San Pedro. There's a growing movement toward developing agricultural and historical sites. And an increasing number of museums and archaeological collections are drawing people from all over the world. (You'll find them below). But the most famous of them all may now be Mixquic with its massively attended Day of the Dead celebrations.

Don't miss the Lake of the Aztec Kings with its own, more environmentally conscious canal boat rides, this time on the lake.

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