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La Selene Cultural Corridor

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How to get here
  • El Triángulo, Colonia La Selene, Tláhuac, 13450 CDMX


Mercado Selene

Nearest at 0.45 kms.

Metro Tláhuac

Nearest at 0.51 kms.

Casa de Cultura Frida Kahlo

Nearest at 0.68 kms.


Calzada de Guadalupe

A fine pilgrimage route makes the perfect promenade for strolling, too . . .

Avenida Francisco Sosa, Coyoacán

Perhaps the most famous walking street in Coyoacán.

Avenida San Jerónimo

Main street in one of Mexico City's most iconic southern neighborhoods . . .

Ribera de San Cosme

One of the most iconic stretches of the Calzada México Tacuba . . .

Avenida Vito Alessio Robles

An iconic avenue in eastern Álvaro Obregón, often enough confused with Coyoacán.

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