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Centro Cultural y Social Veracruzano / Teatro Rafael Solana

The Centro Cultural y Social Veracruzano is a focal point on the important Avenida Miguel Ángel de Quevedo just south of the Coyoacán Historic Center. Nearly from the center’s beginning, it has been widely known for the Rafael Solana Theater, still among the area’s most important performing arts venues.

The cultural center was founded in 1990 by a group of Veracruz natives. They met to plan a place to support the culture, history, literature, music, cooking, and art of their home state. It formally opened in 1993. In fact, Veracruz has a long history of contributions to Mexico City. Not least are current and past Coyoacán residents. Among the most prominent were the composer Agustín Lara who is honored with a monument facing the Coyoacán market. Lara originally hailed from Tlacotalpan. Rafael Solana was from the City of Veracruz.

  • Rafael Solana Salcedo (1915-1992) was one of the 20th century’s most important Mexican writers. Solana wrote poetry, short stories, journalism, theater works, and 9 novels. He founded the journals Taller and Taller Poético, and is thus usually included with the Taller (Workshop) Generation of writers. Toward the end of his life, Solana worked as a chronicler of the theater and founded and directed the Mexican Association of Theater Critics.

The side of the center facing the avenue is intended as a tribute to the famous architecture of Tlacotalpan. Inside, you’ll find not just extensive gardens and but events rooms, and a few different eateries, exhibitions spaces and galleries. The Universidad Veracruzana and the university publisher also have their offices and some services available here as does the state government of Veracruz.

Exhibitions focus on visual arts, but the center also hosts book presentations, educational courses, and corporate events.  Today’s Centro Cultural y Social Veracruzano plays an important role not just for former and current residents of Veracruz, but for many of the surrounding Coyoacán communities.

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