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Mercado Selene

Mercado Selene
Photo courtesy of the Mi Mercado Selene Facebook page.

The Mercado Selene is the big modern market in Tláhuac. It has to compete pretty fiercely with the Central Tláhuac and Tlaltenco markets. But being newer and cleaner has its advantages.

Set in the center of the giant Colonia  Selene, it’s actually not terribly far from its two rivals. It’s roughly a 15-minute walk from Metro Tláhuac. That important because Metro Line 12, when it’s running, brings an incredible number of visitors into the heart of Tláhuac. Until now, they’ve never been sure where to go from there. Some will continue south to San Pedro. But even closer is the Selene Cultural Corridor beginning just outside the station. That leads you practically right to the Market.

The Mercado Selene counts with some 111 merchants (according to a 2017 UAM study). But with views of the Tetlalmanche Volcano directly to the north, one gets the sense here that farmers are not far off. And that means food is as fresh as can be. Many outside visitors don’t know it, but the markets all, also, offer terrific food – and it’s not just greasy street food. It’s real sit-down food that’s prepared for real Mexican people, every day. It’s far cheaper, and you get fresher food and a break from traveler’s indigestion and worse.

Hours: Daily 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to get here
  • Oceano de las Tempestades, (Montes Apeninos y Mar de las Crisis), Col. Selene 1a. Sección, 13420 CDMX


La Selene Cultural Corridor

Nearest at 0.45 kms.

Metro Tláhuac

Nearest at 0.96 kms.

Casa de Cultura Frida Kahlo

Nearest at 0.97 kms.


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