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Mercado Tláhuac

Mercado Tláhuac

The Mercado Tláhuac is sometimes referred to as the Mercado Central de Tláhuac. It’s the principle market for the center of San Pedro Tláhuac. A wonderful place to eat, it’s also essential for an understanding of the culture, people, and tradition of the region.

Formally, the main market hosts some 156 vendors. These will be supplemented by a few more outside. Like most markets in Tláhuac, this one has some services offered in the surrounding streets. But among all of these vendors are a few daily preparing food. As San Pedro is among the famous Chinampa Towns, there’s an emphasis on food grown and produced locally.

Visitors get fresher, healthier food. It’s also more affordable and you’re supporting small, independent businesses. Even farmers benefit when you buy from the market. Some will say that all Mexico City public markets offer the same foods. But here the variety and freshness is outstanding. And you will find a few unique dishes if you read the fine print on the menú del día.

The Mercado Tláhuac is a vital part of the San Pedro town center. It’s just across the street from the main church and square area. Both are south of the local Tláhuac government esplanade.

How to get here
  • C. Severino Ceniceros, La Magdalena, Tláhuac, 13070 CDMX


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