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San Fernando Flower Market

The San Fernando Flower Market is a historic public market just east of the Tlalpan Historic Center. It used to occupy most of the adjoining Parque Dr. Alberto Camacho. Anyone visiting the area is likely to realize that the demand for flowers comes from the enormous medical complex that begins just across the street.

The National Institute of Health runs some seven big medical facilities here, the biggest concentration of hospitals and clinics in the country. Today’s flower market provides cheer to that giant complex.

The market was once on the edge of a busy thoroughfare, the Calzada de Tlalpan, though eventually it crowded out most of its little park. But today, flower vendors are at home in permanent digs.
The cleared Plaza de Medico, southeast on the same San Fernando Avenue, offers something of an open public space. Even the prominent public sculpture there makes reference to the flowers, with a verse by Chiapas-born poet, Efraín Bartolomé. The market’s cooks and their eateries are spread out on many of the wider surrounding streets. These are among the most pleasant places for walking, because the area is still struggling with auto traffic.
Together, the giant flower stands, and their attendant though far-flung restaurants provide essential services. The area is crowded with patients and families, not to mention hospital employees. Along all these busy streets, you can find comfortable places to eat, magnificent food, and even flowers for the center of the table. The combination works. Mornings start early with breakfast. Lunches last through the late afternoon.
The San Fernando Flower Market puts a softer edge on the entire frenetic area. It’s a fun place to visit. Remarkably, the flower market is also one of very few Mexico City markets that’s open 24 hours a day.
How to get here
  • Calzada de Tlalpan s/n, esq Allende, Col. Niño Jesús, Alc. Tlalpan, 14090 CDMX


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