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Chinampa Towns

The Ten Chinampa Towns of Mexico City's southeast are those that have carried on the ancient tradition of chinampa agriculture. They run along the border between Xochimilco and Tláhuac. Traditionally the  towns include the Center of Xochimilco, too. It's sometimes even referred to as the Queen of the Chinampa Towns.

The Chinampa Towns make up an increasingly important region of the City. It's historically been sparsely populated. Afterall, most of the local economy is devoted to agriculture. But as the City has put increasing pressure on the area, these small towns have also struggled to maintain their way of life. That has included a strong agricultural traditions, land stewardship, water and wetlands management, and care for livestock and wildlife.

It's a fascinating and unique part of the world and the world's heritage. And Xochimilco is just the colorful beginning. To the south is the venerable old Teuhtli Volcano, a region all on its own.

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