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La Selene Cultural Corridor

La Selene Corredor Cultural


The La Selene Cultural Corridor began as a neighborhood revitalization project in 2018. It quickly got hit by the double whammy of the COVID-19 pandemic, that stopped nearly all outside traffic to the neighborhood. Then the May 2021 disaster on Metro Line 12 closed nearly all traffic, even local people moving in and out of the neighborhood.

But the Cultural Corridor was planned, especially, to provide a safe and supportive route for students traveling in and out of the neighborhood. That’s meant, even with severely reduced traffic, the project could struggle on. And it has.

Why’s it important? The La Selene Cultural Corridor is especially important for international visitors arriving to Metro Tláhuac and wondering what there is to do from here. It’s really just a few steps east of the station, past the Libertad sports fields.

The ongoing project is essentially an effort to expand services along the Montes de las Cordilleras Avenue and to better integrate the promenade down the middle. Access to the new PILARES center at the top of the avenue is also to be improved. To those ends, the neighborhood is also working with the Alcaldía Tláhuac and the City to provide a bookstore, reading area, stationery and school supplies store, and administrative and restroom areas.

The neighborhood market is just a few blocks to the east of the main thoroughfare. And together, the project is helping to solidify and consolidate, not just traffic in and out of the neighborhood, but life in the neighborhood too.

How to get here
  • El Triángulo, Colonia La Selene, Tláhuac, 13450 CDMX


Mercado Selene

Nearest at 0.45 kms.

Metro Tláhuac

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Casa de Cultura Frida Kahlo

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