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Metro Tláhuac

Metro Tlahuac
Foto: GAED en Wikimedia Commons.

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Unfortunately, Metro Tláhuac is one of the least likely to be visited by international visitors to Mexico City. It’s a shame because it is among the newest metro stations and opens up to a world of new experiences and wide open spaces. It is unlike any Mexico City metro station you’ve ever been to.

The station’s symbol refers to the word “Tláhuac” whose exact meaning is among the most controversial place names in the Valley of Mexico. It is likely that the name is derived from “Cuitláhuac”. But interpretations include “the place where cuítatl (a type of seaweed) is collected”, “born among the rocks of the lakes”, referring to the position between the lakes of Chalco and Xochimilco. “Place of those who take care of the water” and “place of dirty water” may refer to the position of Tláhuac near where the Xochimilco lake drains.

“Tláhuac”, as the contraction of “Cuitláhuac, lent its name to San Pedro Tláhuac , the original town (one of seven in the alcaldía). The icon of the station is a simplification of the Aztec glyph, and the symbol for the local government.

San Pedro is about 15 minutes south of the metro station, as is the Museo Regional de Cuitláhuac , whose collection is a must-see. Just before that is the Museo Regional de Tláhuac, with an equally coveted collection. The two together top off a visit to the neighborhood.


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