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Metro Constitución de 1917

metro constitucion de 1917
Photo: Secretaría de Obras y Servicios de la Ciudad de México

Metro Constitución de 1917 is the center of a giant transit hub in Iztapalapa. The terminal station on Metro Line 8, it connects here with the new elevated Trolebús, and Cablebús stations. Multiple bus lines also come in and out of the CETRAM. Some 200,000 passengers pass through every day.

The CETRAM  Centro de Transferencia Modal, is simply the “Transit Mode Transfer Center.” Of course, it’s also an important area for commerce, and even culture.

  • The 1917 Constitution codified the laws established during the Mexican Revolution. Individual guarantees from the Liberal Constitution of 1857 were set into law, here too. The document was signed on February 5, 1917 in Querétaro, and went into effect some three months later on May 1st. Among the most important things enunciated here were the rights to secular and free public education, land tenure, private property, industrial and labor relations, and separations of the Catholic Church, and other religions from the State. You can learn more about the document at the Museum of the Constitutions in the Historic Center.

Metro Constitución de 1917 is important, especially for transfers to other transit lines. But it’s also a good way to get to Santa Cruz Meyehualco. One of the original settlements of Iztapalapa, it’s just east of the station.


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