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Lomas de la Estancia Cablebús

Cablebus Lomas de la Estancia


Lomas de la Estancia Cablebús has been a major boon for the population of the neighborhood of the same name. The station logo refers to one of the popular names of the Tetlalmanche Volcano. The southern reaches of the neighborhood begin to climb the slopes of the age-old Cerro de la Tortuga. It also gets called the Cerro de Guadalupe. The Tetlalmance name, the Nahuatl variant, is just the most official name for this, one of the most prominent peaks in Mexico City.

The Cablebús station here was built on a rather rare undeveloped plot. This neighborhood, and those surrounding it, began to grow in population only in the late 20th century. Since then, these neighborhoods have grown into some of the most densely populated areas in the City, and in the whole of Mexico. The “de la Estancia” part of the name probably refers to a watch point or shepherding rest area used during the late 19th century. It’s quite possible such a site was used well into the 20th century. “Lomas” means simply “hills.”

Between here and the Xalpa station of the Cablebús, passengers marvel at the bulging, house-covered “Lomas” of the neighborhood’s west side. The cable car goes directly over the seeming vertical neighborhood.  Today, it’s colorfully painted and even treasured. But for residents, it’s been a long time coming. Transit was always difficult. Today, it’s a breeze thanks to the Cablebús. But long term success means giving these residential neighborhoods the respect and support they’re to which they’re entitled.


How to get here
  • Colonia Lomas de la Estancia, Iztapalapa, 09640 CDMX


Centro Cultural Acahualtepec

Nearest at 0.47 kms.

Mercado Xochitepango, Col. Xalpa

Nearest at 1.00 kms.

Mercado Quetzalcoatl, Col. Xalpa

Nearest at 1.18 kms.


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