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Mercado Quetzalcoatl, Col. Xalpa

The Mercado Quetzalcoatl has been a neighborhood landmark for generations. For people moving in or through the Colonia Xalpa, it’s been especially significant as a transit point, and for transferring between local buses. It’s a great place to meet, eat, and catch up.

The market is already high on the slopes of the Sierra de Catarina. The Xalpa Cablebús station is even a little higher.  It’s about an 8-minute walk down the Avenida de las minas. It’s not an unpleasant walk either, as the street is busy but hardly a major avenue.

It’s also important not to confuse this Mercado Quetzalcoatl with that underneath the D. U. Quetzalcoatl Cablebús station. That one is officially known as the Mercado D.U. Quetzalcoatl, for the “urban development” which began the neighborhood.

The Colonia Xalpa, to the bewilderment of some of its residents, is converting into a pleasant and stable neighborhood. It’s one of many on the north slopes of the Sierra that defines the entire area. The market is one good reason for that conversion. It predates all of the big box and monopoly businesses in the area. For that, many residents remain loyal to the market, to its vendors and to a multitude of smaller eateries and lunch counters within. You can always get something fresher and healthier here. With no storage, many restaurants don’t even have freezers here, there’s never going to be a better option.

Travelers can choose from all number of menus and cooking styles. And while you’re paying less, you’re also supporting these smaller businesses and even local farmers.

As mentioned, the market is 8-minutes walk north from the Cablebús station. It’s roughly another 8-minutes continuing north to the Utopia Atzintli. That’s one more highlight in a neighborhood that may just end up teeming with color and charm.

How to get here
  • Esquina Av. de Minas y Guanábana, Colonia Xalpa, Alc. Iztapalapa, 09640 CDMX


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