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Mercado 5 de Mayo, Iztapalapa

The Mercado 5 de Mayo is the other important market in the Historic Center of Iztapalapa. The market is just around the corner from the Mariachi Plaza and may seem to have just barely fit all of the merchants under one roof. Like nearly all Mexico City public markets, this one began as a street market. It’s a younger market, but one that’s still alive with that energy, sound, and importantly, flavor.

It’s a great place for lunch although it competes directly with the Bazar Iztapalapa, and to a lesser extent with the Cabecera Market on the other side of the giant MacroPlaza. The 5 de Mayo is within the Barrio San Lucas but facing the Barrio San Ignacio just across the street. That places it well within some of Iztapalapa’s busiest territory.

The Market is home to a number of lunch counters, comida corridas, and others offering similar fare. It’s affordable, and deliveries are coming in daily from Abastos, just to the north across the neighborhood. It can’t get much fresher unless your actually on the farm. And eating at the market, you get better food, lower prices, and the satisfaction of supporting smaller often-women-owned businesses. You’re even supporting many of those small farms, too. (They’re not that far away.)

Around the corner, the Bazar Iztapalapa offers just slightly more formal meals. But the Mercado 5 de Mayo gives you food in the familiar atmosphere of vendors on every side. Sights, sounds, and a little chaos make it a perfect place to really experience the local food culture.

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How to get here
  • 5 de Mayo, Barrio San Lucas, Alc. Iztapalapa, 09000 CDMX


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