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Mercado de San Antonio Tecómitl

Mercado Nº 322, San Antonio Tecómitl
Photo courtesy of the Mercado San Antonio Tecómitl website.


The Mercado de San Antonio Tecómitl is the commercial center of the town and a great place to eat. Like markets in any of the small towns in the Valley of Mexico, it’s got dozens of vendors. And today, the market’s been renovated and sanitized (the actual building dates only from the 1990s). It can be a little confusing to find as the building pictured is inside a surrounding tubular fence. Like most fixed public markets, it’s also usually surrounded by a tianguis-style street market.

Just follow Avenida 5 de Mayo Oriente, from the southside of the Parish Church of San Antonio de Padua. The corridor is one of the busiest commercial streets in Tecómitl. The market is the regional headquarters for the local Day of the Dead celebrations, too. These can really light up the town. And the market will be where everyone is stopping on their way to the cemetery, a few blocks further east. The even more famous cemetery of Mixquic is just a little further.

All year-round, someone here is serving an excellent mole, and there are simply no fresher nopales anywhere.

Eating in the market can be a little overwhelming for first-timers. See our complete guide to Fondas and Comida Corrida here. A few good steps above normal street food, you’ll need to sit down. But the food is fresher and more nutritious. For travelers, eating something decent can be a rare luxury. Public markets like this one make it a lot easier.

Whether you’re in Tecómitl just to see the sights, or to explore the surrounding valleys and volcanoes, the Mercado de San Antonio Tecómitl is a must-stop. It’s fresher, healthier, and helps more of the local community.

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