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Teuhtli Volcano Area

The Teuhtli Volcano area is the age-old site of legends and myths. Centered around the Venerable Lord himself, the volcano presents a backdrop to the lives of the people. Today, the area is turning around as major site for agricultural adventure.

To the north, the famous canal-farming Chinampa Towns only begin with Xochimilco. To the south and east, it's a land of wide-open spaces and scenic farmland. Milpa Alta, the "high fields" are volcanic and rich, and have fed the City for  generations.

It's as far away from Mexico City as one can get and still be in Mexico City. As a major food-producing region, it's quintessential to the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.

The area's annual festivals highlight the rich, and ancient, food traditions. Nopales, amaranto, mole, and more reach the level of cultural institutions here. And a festival of ice creams (nieves) (every April in Santiago Tulyehualco) puts emphasis on the fact that visits to the Teuhtli Volcano area can be very sweet indeed.

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