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Colonia Cuauhtémoc

The Colonia Cuauhtémoc is the buttoned-up, more respectable version of loose and crazy Zona Rosa just across the Paseo de la Reforma. Historically, it took its name from the monument to the ancient leader, now just across the intersection of Reforma and Insurgentes.

It can seem like a neighborhood of lunch places for local office workers. But Cuauhtémoc also presents a strong case for being included with the best walking neighborhoods in the City. The history of the neighborhood is similar to those of Colonia Juárez further east, and San Rafael to the immediate north. The construction of the Circuito Interior actually radically separated Cuauhtémoc from its sister neighborhoods, those in the Anzures area just to the west. All of them share a similar history, dating mostly from the late 19th century.

Today's Cuauhtémoc benefits from its nearness to all of the commerce taking place on the main drag of Reforma. Streets are named for the main rivers of the world, and the few important ones of Mexico, too.  Streets running from Circuito to Reforma, of which there are more, include the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Rhône (Ródano), and the Tiber. Those running perpendicular include the Lerma, the Pánuco, and the Nazas rivers.

Wider streets mean that walking is comfortable. With architecture mostly in the Eclectic style with a few remaining examples of Art Nouveau, it's a remarkable and friendly place of cafés and eateries. Of course, international guests will find smaller and boutique hotels and the range of shorter-term rentals in addition to the big hotels on Reforma. Use the links above to find your way in the surrounding neighborhoods. And remember, Tabacalera is just across Insurgentes to the east. All of them are fine, walkable places to explore.

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