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Insurgentes Norte

Insurgentes Norte begins at Paseo de la Reforma and extends northward to Indios Verdes.

Little-known (even to many longtime City residents), this first stretch is officially named "Insurgentes Centro." It extends from Paseo de la Reforma to the Calzada México-Tacuba (at San Cosme).

Like Insurgentes Sur, this stretch is named for the Ejército de los Insurgentes, the Army of the Insurgents who fought for Mexican Independence.

From Reforma, and traveling northward, the avenue passes

All of these areas are seeing some increased international interest, in part at least, because of Cablebús (Line One) from Indios Verdes. As the listings below make obvious, the northernmost part of the avenue is followed by Line 3 of the Metro. And nearly the entirety of Insurgentes (North and South) is traversed by Line 1 of Metrobús.

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