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Parque Las Antenas Shopping Center

Las Antenas Shopping Mall
Photo courtesy of the Parque Las Antenas Facebook page.

The Parque Las Antenas is one of Mexico City’s newest shopping centers. The surprise here is that it’s all anchored by an enormous, and surprisingly clean and efficient kid’s amusement park: ¡Kataplum!

It’s among the best shopping centers in Iztapalapa. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s just up the street from the Cuemanco nature reserve and boat launch in Xochimilco. So, a trip here can even be combined with a morning or afternoon on the canals. The center brings a tremendous variety of commercial and entertainment options to the area. The 23,000 square meter amusement park just makes it that much better.

Even better, the park charges a very low admission fee, and rides can be paid for individually. It’s not the sort of all-day admission park that came to be the norm some decades ago. The result is that visitors to the mall can stay for a few hours and the kids still get a treat.

About 230 retail spaces are competing with Liverpool, Sears, a giant Cinépolis multiplex plus a number of restaurants, eateries and similar establishments. The Parque Las Antenas is among the newest and biggest shopping centers in Mexico City. And a trip here can be combined with nearby attractions of all stripes and types.

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Metro Periférico Oriente

Nearest at 0.42 kms.

Utopia Tezontli

Nearest at 0.66 kms.

Mercado San Lorenzo Tezonco

Nearest at 0.71 kms.


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