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Metro Periférico Oriente

Photo: GAED on Wikimedia Commons

Metro Periférico Oriente, on Line 12, is the highest station in the Mexico City Metro system. At 23 meters in the air, perhaps it’s not so ironic. The station needed to be elevated to pass over the already-elevated Periférico Oriente highway for which it was named.

The station logo is the watchtower at the Reclusorio Oriente, about a 13-minute walk to the north of the station.

From the platforms one can see, not just the neighborhoods the station serves, but quite a bit Iztapalapa and Tláhuac beyond. For the record, the neighborhoods are as follows (all in Iztapalapa).

  • Cerro de la Estrella II (North)
  • Año de Juárez (North)
  • Lomas de San Lorenzo II (East)
  • Mirasoles (South)
  • And Vergel to the West

Perhaps surprisingly, the station saw almost 34,000 passengers daily in 2019.

Besides the fantastic views, Metro Periférico Oriente is just a seven-minute walk from the Parque Las Antenas shopping center. It’s also a great alternative train-ride to the Cuemanco Boat Launch and the Xochimilco Ecological Park. In a taxi from the Metro, you can expect a ride of about 13 minutes. (To walk might take you half an hour.)

The San Lorenzo Tezonco town center is just about exactly between here and the actual Tezonco Metro station.

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Parque Las Antenas Shopping Center

Nearest at 0.42 kms.

Mercado San Lorenzo Tezonco

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Utopia Tezontli

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