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Mercado San Lorenzo Tezonco

The Mercado San Lorenzo Tezonco is a surprisingly enormous neighborhood market for the town of San Lorenzo Tezonco in Iztapalapa. Technically in the barrio de Guadalupe, it’s not far from the town center (sometimes called San Nicolás Tolentino). That name is today mostly reserved for the nearby abandoned hacienda headquarters that is a major draw for the town (although it’s in ruins).

If you’re in the neighborhood, there’s no better place for lunch. Like most public markets, this one is surrounded by a thriving couple of streets. Almost hidden among the many street vendors along calle Candelabro, the market’s worth seeking out. Inside, there are dozens more vendors for everything you could possibly think of.

Here, we’re talking about eating, and for that, you should look for a good sit down fonda. If you’ve never eaten at a fonda, then we’ve put together a pretty complete guide to how to go about it. Look for a menu del día, or the comida corrida menu. And read the whole guide. 

It shouldn’t be intimidating. Especially because, for international visitors, Mexico City Public Markets are always friendly. Very few of them will go without at least a few international visitors every day. And that trend seems to just be growing stronger.

The Mercado San Lorenzo Tezonco is your best bet if you’ve already eaten your fill of street food or expensive restaurant food. Even in Tezonco, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the lives of half the people in the neighborhood. At 15-minutes walk from Metro Tezonco, it’s actually even closer to the town center. The center is a straight walk, from the market, along Candelabro / San Lorenzo streets.

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