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Mercado San Francisco Culhuacán

mercado san francisco culhuacan


The Mercado San Francisco Culhuacán is the giant neighborhood market in the colonia of the same name. Technically, it’s in the neighborhood extension (Ampliación) just to the west. The market shares its giant block with a primary school, and a pre-K. There’s also the San Judas temple on the southwest corner, but the point is, it’s arguably the most important block in the area.

The Pueblo de San Francisco Culhuacán is one of Coyoacán’s seven Original Settlements. Just east of the market, the town is one of the least well-known of these often ancient settlements. Perhaps most confusingly, it’s many former ejidos, i.e.; agricultural land grants, are all neighborhoods too. Most of them retain some variation on the same name.

A 2017 UAM study counted some 239 merchants within the market. That number will vary, but may give you the idea that is one of the bigger markets in this part of the city. Merchants are just as likely to show up on sidewalks surrounding the market. Among all of them, though, a good number are preparing meals on a regular basis. It’s a terrific place to eat if you’ve been out exploring the broader neighborhood.

The Mercado San Francisco Culhuacán offers a good number of places serving breakfast and lunch. Meals are more affordable and healthier than what you can get on the street, even if it’s not from formal restaurants. In fact, you’re likely to get better, fresher food than from anywhere else in the area.

Hours: Daily, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

How to get here
  • Eje 2 Ote/Av. H. Escuela Naval Militar, Amp. San Francisco Culhuacan de Sta Ana, Coyoacán, 04260 CDMX


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