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Coyoacán Original Settlements

The Original Settlements of Coyoacán are recognized as the oldest neighborhoods within the district. Each holds on to at least some of its  very long past. The entire area is known to have been inhabited for at least 2,500 years. Today, the area is made up of neighborhoods within the far bigger Mexico City. But each retains at least some vestige of the past.

While international visitors hardly visit Mexico City without seeing the Historic Center of Coyoacán, curious visitors will head to these neighborhoods to learn more, and for a far deeper experience.

Many original settlements retain street patterns held over from a time when only feet traversed them. A few are still criss crossed by canals.  Together, they make for some true adventure. But more so, visitors get a real sense, even today, for Coyoacán's separate, and resistant character.

An area subjugated by the Mexica of Tenochtitlan, and later by the Spanish, it's held onto a unique spirit and character. Those qualities are everywhere evident in the Original Settlements of Coyoacán, as they are perhaps nowhere else.

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