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Metro Villa de Aragón

Metro Villa de Aragón is named for the neighborhood it chiefly serves, at the far eastern end of the Bosque de Aragón. To the south of station are the big neighborhoods of San Juan de Aragón Sections 4 & 5.

These neighborhoods, like most of the colonias surrounding the forest park, date from the mid-20th century when a housing crisis in the area called for hundreds of news houses. The solution was to build and build and build. Today, thousands of Mexico City residents call this densely populated part of the City home. This density extends well into the Aragón neighborhoods across the City line into Nezahualcóyotl. Not coincidentally, that’s the name of the bordering municipality.

The residential character of the area also explains the station logo. The station is the last in Mexico City. Avenida 608 here turns into the Avenida Central just to the east. It then continues its northeasterly journey to the middle of Ecatepec in Mexico State.

The station is convenient to the far eastern end of the Bosque. The Gustavo A. Madero Technological Institute is also just to the north of the station. But most international visitors will arrive to the park or the zoo via the Bosque de Aragon or Deportivo Oceanía stations.

Metro Villa de Aragón opened in 1999 with the rest of Metro Line B. The line has grown in importance since then, especially for commuters going to and from Ecatepec.

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